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Pink Dog Gin Miniatures

Pink Dog gin is a modern expression of the classic British gin from the Wirral Distillery which is run by artisan distillers who hand distill the gin in small batches. Just one year after the distillery launched its first-ever gin in the market, the distillery then started producing more than 50 uniquely crafted and flavoured gins. By far, the distillery is best known for its Pink Dog gin miniature which invites plenty of curiosity.

The aroma and flavour are characterised to be synonymous to the classic gin personality except for the highly distinguishable infusion of roses blended with cardamom, juniper, and just a slight hint of citrus which sets even a Pink Dog gin mini apart from other flavour-infused gins in an exceptionally, delightfully tasty way. This burst of flavourful gin is accompanied by a smooth glide and finish.

Pink Dog Gin miniatures deliver icing to the cake for functions, particularly ones that are pink-themed, usually debuts and bridal showers, but also celebrations for brands dominated by the color pink or that targets the ladies and all that is feminine as a niche. A Pink Dog gin miniature will also brighten the smile of the celebrant who hearts dogs. A Pink Dog gin gift set provides a thousand and one ways to serve gin -- definitely a gin for tonic and so much more.