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Petalo Wine Miniatures

Four centuries of wine-perfecting distilling and crafting is the secret to every satisfying bottle of Bottega, and the legacy lives on with the Petalo wine miniatures. According to Bottega the meticulous selection of grape and pomace, as well as general decisions involving the wine-making processes to take from picking and distilling to aging, is what makes Bottega the flavour enhancer its avid drinkers know it is.

Bottega Gold is particularly popular for Duty Free shoppers, and Bottega Prosecco follows closely, while the BottegaLimoncinoLimoncello is a summertime drink that never fails to please. Low alcohol with lingering sparkling qualities, the PetaloMoscato is a sweet wine that pleasantly blends with festive, celebration foods. The sweetness and acidity blend well to help bring out the great taste of carefully put-together dishes ideal for sharing with family and friends. It’s the same quality you get when you open a Petalo wine miniature.

Petalo miniatures open up to a beautifully blended bouquet of wildflowers and fruity scents. It arrives to the nose with an unmistakable intensity and complexity that does not easily wear out the senses. The taste is just as complex and surprisingly inviting. It isn’t hard to understand why everybody finds Petalo wine small bottles utterly sensational.


The BottegaPetaloMoscato is also available in a Petalo 5cl bottle which is a perfect choice for small corner celebrations with the few people you know will catch you if you fall. Consider personalised mini bottles of Petalo wine to mark a special occasion your guests will never forget.