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Persie Gin Miniatures

Fruity, savoury, slightly sweeter gins -- this summarizes the whole range of Persie Gins. The brand takes the effect of aroma on experiencing gin taste very seriously. In fact, every bottle of Persie gin, including Persie gin miniatures, bear the overarching value proposition of this brand of gin, which is, “We nose our gin”.

One of the stalwart variants from this relatively new gin maker is the Persie citrus gin. It is the most classic gin from the range, only, it takes the citrusy zing of a classic citrus-infused gin to an entirely different trail never-before trekked by other gin distillers. The sharp taste of citrus is the result of a meticulous process its makers follow in infusing the best citrus flavours from 200 fresh limes and oranges without sacrificing the ideally clear and pure presentation of gin. Targets definitely achieved in this Persie Gin.

Persie citrus gin miniatures are available at a 42% gin expression and are in 5cl bottles that closely resemble this variant’s regular 20cl and 50cl packaging. It is a highly versatile choice for either gifting or giving away favours. Persie gin 5cl is also ideal for single servings or small batches of G&T and gin-based cocktails.