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Persian Blue Gin Miniatures

Unlike its decanter-shaped regular packaging bottle with a cork stopper, the Persian Blue gin miniature is presented in a tiny, cylindrical bottle and a crown cap. Nevertheless, the labels are identical and the same blue gin is all locked up inside. Unlike most gins, this one tastes like a gin but does not look anywhere near typically clear gins.

Created by The Handmade Gin Company, the Persian Blue gin is fun and inspiring. Available at a 40% ABV expression level, the vibrant blue colour adds a much-needed sizzle in a classic glass of G&T, and instantly gives life to your favourite gin-based cocktails. Infused with juniper and other botanicals traditionally distilled or macerated with gin, Persian Blue gin small bottles go another sweet step up with the addition of marshmallow root.

Whether you or a friend will be fixing the cocktail mixes, a house party or outdoor party definitely deserves a Persian Blue gin mini. Get a kick of gin’s timeless tipple with a more flavourful liquor. Get ready to invite curiosity at its finest.

A Persian Blue gin gift set will make for an intriguing gift for a special person in your life. This blue gin will also make an ideal complement to your blue-themed functions. Pour, mix and play, the Persian Blue gin will give any drinker the time of their lives.