Percy Warmer

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Percy Warmer Rum Liqueur Miniatures While many drinkers associate cocktails with an ice-cold, refreshing drink, for Percy Warmer...
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Miniature Percy Warmer Drinks

Wines and spirits are especially enticing with the onset of the colder months, and it’s simply useless to resist opening a bottle of Percy Warmer when snow begins to fall in the backdrop. Percy Warmer drinks are what it is: a warm, sweet and spicy rum with exotic origins that leave an extraordinary taste in your mouth that makes every sip an unforgettable experience.

Percy Warmer rum miniatures are made from a combination of Alnwick Rums and Lindisfarne Ginger Wine, blended with spices and sugar. For once, you or your companion are not compelled to pick rum over wine or wine over rum -- with Percy Warmer, you can have the best of both liquors and enjoy it with a hearty serving of laughter and conversations with a homey feel that will get you through any winter’s day and beyond.

Give the gift of hearth and home with a bottle of Percy Warmer rum mini. The dominating aroma and taste of ginger spice ends with the distinct taste of spiced rum with molasses and makes a great companion when cozying up on the fireplace. A Percy Warmer gift set will be a welcome surprise -- unexpected and definitely one to be loved.