Patriarche Wine

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Patriarche Vin De France Chardonnay - 25cl The Patriarche Chardonnay of Domaine Patriarche: a white wine from Vin...
Patriarche Wine This Rose wine from France is bright pink in colour with cherries and raspberries on the...
Patriarche Syrah Rose Wine Single Serve - 25cl This Rosé wine from France is bright pink in colour...
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Patriarche Wine Miniatures

Every glass of Patriarche wine stands as a reminder of its rich history of exceptional winemaking traditions that dates back to 1780. The Burgundy born, raised, and aged label now offers a wide selection of white wines, red wines, sparklings and spirits. The Patriarche wine miniatures pay homage to this exceptionally long history and excellence of bottling up wines perfected to blend for over two centuries since the first wine production was bottled in Burgundy.

A Patriarche wine 5cl is available for several variants carrying this label, that includes The Patriarche Chardonnay White Wine, Patriarche Merlot Red, and Patriarche Syrah Rose Wine. The Patriarche Chardonnay is replete with citrus flavours giving away hints of vanilla. It will be perfect for pairing with fish. The Patriarche Merlot Red is medium-bodied and carries the taste of deeply coloured and tasteful berries with hints of spice. The Patriarche Syrah Rose Wine shows a sensuous pink-tinged liquid courtesy of the cherries and raspberries blended to give it a fruity aroma and flavour from start to finish.

Its wide selection will delight every imaginable profile of wine drinker, including the strict enthusiasts and critics. Mini bottles of Patriarche wine are also available just in case you might need these for holiday, wedding or birthday favours.