Orario Wine Miniatures

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Orario Pinot Grigio White Wine Miniature - 18.75cl Orario Pinot Grigio white wine is pale lemon in colour,...
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Orario Wine Miniatures

Orario is a brand of wines originating from South Eastern Australia. Perhaps the most popular variant in its range of wines is the Orario Pinot Grigio. Orario wine miniatures comes with 12.5% ABV. The aroma is characterised to be floral. The wine showers your taste buds with a crisp taste of citrus fruits that is easy on the palate. This variant makes an Orario gift set interesting and worth your effort of gift-giving.

Similarly, the Orario Merlot is also a smoothly textured red wine that embodies the fruity flavoured combination of raspberries and ripe plums. The hint of caramel oak flavour from the palate to the finish leaves your tongue with an unforgettable sweetness that makes you look forward to the next sip.

Wonderfully enticing, Orario wine mini servings deserve a taste sampling. Orario miniatures are available in Orario Pinot Grigio and Orario Merlot. Orario small bottles for red wine are luxuriously packaged in dark bottles while the white wine is sealed in clear bottles. An Orario miniature gift set will be a surprisingly pleasant treat.

For Orario wine miniatures, personalised favours are a good idea. Consider these minis for wedding and birthday giveaways or, give out some just because.