Opihr Gin

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Opihr Oriental Spiced London Dry Gin Miniature - 5cl Opihr Oriental Spiced London Dry Gin has exciting bursts...
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Opihr Gin Miniatures

A taste of Opihr gin miniature is enough for a gin drinker to experience the taste of classic London Dry Gin. This is gin blended with citrus, a typical combination shared with other brands of London Dry Gin. What makes this brand different is the oriental character of the aroma and taste which perfectly blends the citrusy gin flavour with more earthy smell and taste. 

Named after a port in the story of King Solomon and inspired by the Ancient Spice Route, you can expect nothing short of epic and legendary with a mini Ophir gin in hand. 

For those times when you care to impress, get hold of a miniature Opihr gin gift set. The labels feature the magical reality of the Orient, with two dressed elephants attached to either side of the brand’s emblem, and a map of the Ancient Spice Route printed on the bottle. Take note that there is a wide range of interesting miniature Opihr gin gift edition designs for you to choose from. You definitely have choices to match with your intended recipient.

An Opihr gin 5cl is ideal for creating single serve gin tonics and gin-based cocktails. The Opihr miniature bottle is also ideal in creating personalised favours for personal milestones and corporate functions. Made to start a conversation to last well throughout the night, Opihr mini is also highly recommended for extended outdoor adventures when you need a spirit within reach.