digestive / aperitif miniature - 4cl

digestive / aperitif miniature - 4cl

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Jagermeister Miniatures - 4cl

Packed full of herbs and spices, counting up to 56 to be exact, Jagermeister is one of the brands on the bar shelf shrouded in deep mystery and popularly misunderstood. Allow a Jagermeister miniature to explain what it is for you. Available in Jagermeister miniature 4cl bottles perfect for sampling this drink if you haven’t tried one already, a Jagermeister is more properly categorised as a digestive or an appetizer and, because of that, a Jagermeister is best recommended taken ice cold right before or right after having a meal. The makers of Jagermeister specifically recommends consuming this drink aet -18 degrees.

Jagermeister miniature bottles hold the same recipe genuinely preserved and unchanged since the flavour was first introduced. Initiate your family and friends to its bittersweet flavour profile when you buy Jagermeister miniatures in bulk. Give it away as personal presents or, as favours on your next big birthday celebration as an added treat.

Other than taking it in its close to freezing condition, a Jagermeister small bottle also packs in an additional punch and flavour to your usual serving of ice cold beer, hot cup of tea or neat shot of espresso. If you like your cocktails so much, wait until you get a hold of the mini Meister 20ml, currently the Jagermeister smallest bottle available in the market today. Add one to your go-to cocktail for an extraordinary kind of lift to your tastebuds.