Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne

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Nicholas Feuillatte One Fo(u)r Rose -20cl The most Bohemian of all Champagnes. One Fo(u)r by Nicolas Feuillatte is...
Nicholas Feuillatte One Fo(u)r Brut - 20cl One Fo(u)r by Nicolas Feuillatte is the Champagne to enjoy any...
Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Champagne If you order a glass of Brut NV in a wine bar in Paris,...
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Nicolas Feuillatte Mini Bottles

Unlike many other family-owned distilleries tracing their roots back to the Old World, Nicolas Feuillatte Champagnes are the product of a collaboration cemented between a businessman and a union leader of grape growers in the Champagne region of France. The result became the Nicolas Feuillatte champagnes that the world knows today. That remarkable history and uncommon recipe for success is told repeatedly in each bottle produced under the label. It is the same history bottled up in Nicolas Feuillatte mini bottles which includes the Nicolas Feuillatte champagne brut miniatures.

The exciting and vibrant look of the Nicolas Feuillatte brut rose miniatures with its metallic pink foil wrap make these great giveaways for a lady's party or, coming of age affairs. A Nicolas Feuillatte champagne 75cl bottle contains one of several variants of champagne from this label. The Nicolas Feuillatte brut mini presents a more masculine alternative and comes in an olive-green bottle with a gold foil cover. A certified crowd-pleaser, the Nicolas Feuillatte brut champagne 75cl bottles up a light champagne blend bursting with the aroma and taste of white fruit, apple and raspberries.

Nicolas Feuillatte champagne mini bottles will create a luxurious appeal to your mini bar at home. While a Nicolas Feuillatte champagne gift set will make a big impression to the recipient, personalized mini champagne bottles will leave a lasting impression to your guests.