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Mrs Bridges Jam Miniatures

Mrs Bridges gift sets are one of only a handful of heart-warming presents that remain to be appreciated to this day and it doesn’t take complex reasoning to understand why. Mrs Bridges preserves, marmalades and curds continue to be prepared to resemble the same homemade process by which the well-famed art of cooking for which Mrs Kate Bridges became known for during the late 1800s to the early 1900s era of regale England. Her masterful, traditional and artistic treatment of food soon made her a household name. Mini jars of Mrs Bridges are packed with history, tradition, and stories of how the food was consumed in old England. Mrs Bridges jam miniatures and Mrs Bridges marmalade miniatures, along with other well-loved products from this brand have been lauded for their homemade goodness and old-fashioned presentation.

In fact, Mrs Bridges products continue to be made using slow boiling on open copper pans that make it possible to preserve as much flavour in all the freshest picks that go into each bottle of Mrs Bridges. Mrs Bridges products continue to be prepared and packed in small batches.

Mrs bridges preserves miniatures bring life and savour to ordinary breakfast toasts as well as to festive pastries and deserts. Mouth-watering flavours include Orange Marmalade and Stem Ginger and Scottish Black Currant, as well as spiked variants like the Strawberry and Champagne Preserve. Mrs Bridges Lemon Curd Miniatures provide a small serving that may be useful for adding tang when you’re cooking ordinary dishes or creating extraordinary desserts.

You probably never thought that a Mrs Bridges mini jam means so much more than meets the eye. These miniature bottles may also be customized for any occasion you have in mind.