(gold) prosecco sparkling wine miniature - 20cl

(gold) prosecco sparkling wine miniature - 20cl

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Bottega Gold Mini Prosecco- 20cl

The Bottega Gold mini prosecco is elegantly in a gold, opaque bottle that comes with a gold foil wrapped on the cap, the packaging is designed to shield the wine from becoming degraded by light. Served at 11A% ABV, Bottega mini bottles, oftentimes also referred to as Bottega mini champagne, are created from the vinification of Glera grapes. Tastefully refreshing with a delicate impression on the palate, a Bottega Gold miniature can be classy taken from the bottle although, best emptied into a tall, clear champagne glass for you or your guest to enjoy the beautiful sight of lovely and enduring bubbles.

Brilliant, pearly and consistently showing off lively bubbles, the wine inside a Bottega Gold mini appears with a pale straw colour. The aroma has a delicate blend of floral and fruity scent top-billed by apples and pears combined with whiffs of lily of the valley, wisteria and acacia. Hints of sage and spices leave the palate with a feeling of being cleansed.

Widely applauded for its well-balanced acidity, a Bottega Rose Gold prosecco mini bottle 20cl is well-suited in bringing luxury and style to a toast and define an extraordinary memory marked by its sight, aroma and taste. When you’re out of gifting ideas,  how about sharing a bottle of Bottega miniature? It’s always a good idea for party favours too. Check out the Bottega Gold or Bottega Rose Gold mini case to examine your options more closely.