Monkey 47

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Monkey 47 Gin Miniatures Monkey 47 German dry gin is quite an unusual gin that is distilled in...
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Monkey 47 Miniatures

Batch-distilled, this German brand of gin is infused with the welcoming and homey taste of cranberries! Surprisingly smooth to the palate, this gin also carries the taste of botanicals, all contributing to a total of 47 ingredients captivatingly captured in perfect blend in a Monkey 47 Gin. No less than the same 47 ingredients that make this gin a critically-acclaimed spirit can be found inside a Monkey 47 miniature.

A Monkey 47 Mini comes with 47% proof gin, making this spirit easy on the palate but true to the edgy traditions of how classic gin has always been made.  Sipping on a Monkey 47 Gin miniature delivers a burst of 47 complex flavours that leaves a powerful impression on the senses without any particular flavour ending up overwhelming the others. Woody, grassy, citrusy with hints of spices and vegetables, are just some of the adjectives used to describe a Monkey 47 Gin mini experience.

Have a Monkey 47 Gin 6x 5cl miniature pack within reach if you like showing off the mixologist in you. A Monkey 47 miniature comes in handy for classic gin tonics and martinis, and it’s just as great when sipped neat and straight out of the bottle. Consider Monkey 47 miniature set for gifting or for sampling this gin’s unique taste.