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Moet Mini Bottles

Frequently voted as the world’s favourite champagne, Moet and Chandon, owing partly to its global marketing effort and undeniable prominence over its competitors, not surprisingly, comes at a premium price. The brand is part of the luxury brand, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE. There is no doubt, therefore, that a Moet and Chandon miniature for your or your guest’s enjoyment comes with a high sense of class.Moet mini bottles are just as stylishly presented as the regular bottles. 

Moet and Chandon mini 6 pack, as well as mini bottles of Moet and Chandon, are ideal for gatherings other than being great additions to your personal wine collection corner at home. Moet small bottles are also ideal for celebrations that call for smaller servings or, for affairs held outdoors.

Making the Moet and Chandon mini even more priceless is the fact that the contents are original, made from the same perfection as their full bottle counterparts. A Moet mini champagne highlights apple and lime flavours with such crispiness and acidity that make it the world’s best-selling champagne. Also available in mini sizes are popular variants, Moet and Chandon Rose Imperial Champagne 20cl bottle and the Moet &Chandon miniature champagne 20cl.

Without question, a Moet mini makes a pick for giving away personalised favours and will be much appreciated by your guests for sure.