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Mini Golf Club Whiskey Bottles

Golf Club Whisky is every bit ‘the whisky’ for golf enthusiasts. Each bottle beautifully architectured like a golf club or, a golf ball. Each one effectively connotes a collector’s item for a whisky drinker who loves golf so much he’d gulp on it. The liquor inside, by the way, is highland blended malt Scotch whisky.  The mini Golf Club whiskey bottle may not quite look like the regular sized bottle but, what’s inside is guaranteed the same thing. 

If you’re planning to get the regular sized bottle, a Golf Club whisky miniature offers a great opportunity to sample the label. Get a miniature Golf Club set for sharing with friends who love just about the same pairing of golf and whisky as much as you do. 

The Golf Club whisky bottle 5cl makes perfect favours for a party you’re throwing with your golf buddies. A Golf Club whisky mini may also bring the much-deserved toast after a winning birdie or, as a grand celebration following a much sought-after hole-in-one.

Consider a Golf Club whiskey gift pack for a family, buddy or boss of yours for the holidays, birthday or, a promotional celebration. Don’t just give a bottle of whisky, gift an experience, one that will last for many, many years.