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Masons Gin Miniatures

Masons gin is the offspring of an idea, an inspiration that struck husband and wife, Karl and Catherine Mason. The gin started to see production and distribution in 2013, around the time when the revival of the good old-fashioned gin was only starting to come around. The founders hail from Yorkshire and, as such, have committed to recreate the Yorkshire experience with every sip of Mason gin, the different varieties of which were gently infused with locally grown botanicals, including tea and lavender.“Truly a small batch craft distilled dry gin,” Mason gin miniatures provide a literally spirited way of celebrating the flavours unique and local to Yorkshire.

The first gin offering from this brand is its Original Masons Yorkshire gin. It is your straight up gin that is best enjoyed without much complexity other than a tonic water. A Masons gin mini holds up just the right amount of spirit for a solo serving, for your personal enjoyment while staring into the city skyline or, just when you feel like breaking the monotony come mid-week.

Masons Lavender gin miniatures are, likewise, more practical alternatives to the regular bottle for fixing small batches of spiked punches and even tea. Masons small bottles make for good party favours too, whether it is your 60th birthday, wedding or debut that you and the closest people in your life are toasting to. Pretty much everyone will be smiling to receive a mini Masons gin complete with your personalised label.

Consider a Masons gin gift set to sample the full range of Masons gin. The brand range consists of the warming Original, Tea Edition, Lavender Edition, Steve’s Apple Edition, Peppered Pear Edition, and Sloe Edition. A Masons gin set is made to impress and guaranteed it will.