Malfy Gin

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Malfy Original Gin Miniature Malfy Gin is now under the management of Pernod Ricard, one of the most...
Malfy Gin Rosa Miniature Malfy Rosa Italian gin is produced using Sicilian pink grapefruits and incorporates just a...
Malfy Gin Blood Orange Miniatures Malfy Con Arancia is a bright, vibrant Italian gin which is produced using...
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Malfy Gin Miniatures

Immediately exhibiting their energetic spirit, each bottle of Malfy Gin leaves one’s senses bursting with excitement. It features a smooth, mild taste of gin that sprinkles the energetic citrus flavours of Amalfi Coast and Sicilian lemons distilled to its impeccable taste with the addition of juniper. The Malfy gin miniature gift set caters to a new generation of gin drinkers looking for a taste of the gin of olden days in a contemporary serving.

Although far from offering an eclectic revival to the gin, the Malfy gin range is not matched for gin drinkers who prefer their gin crude, raw and rough. Despite bringing a new character to the traditional gin, it continues to be respectful of customs. Living up to the epic reputation of Moncalieri in Italy where some of the finest liqueurs were once imagined and continue to be perfected, Torino Distillati intends to attract a new generation of gin drinkers through its Malfy gin range.

Experience gin like you’ve never had it before. Try the Malfy gin miniatures for a sampling. The Malfy gin miniature set features a clear liquor tightly locked in tiny, clear, and vibrant bottles which suits your home bar just as well as it fits your pocket.