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Long Neck Wine Miniatures

Long Neck wine began as the brainchild of three Britons who were, not surprisingly, impressed with the taste and quality of South African wine. What probably started as a night of toasting eventually became a campaign to bring the divine taste of wine in the region to the rest of the world.

Exquisite flavours that were once only known to a few hit a chord among many who grew to love it as much as its founders are fond of it. The Long Neck cabernet sauvignon has a distinct, fruity aroma and taste. Its palate has been characterised to leave a strawberry and cherry taste that comes with a balsamic zing which stays to the finish that goes well with fatty red meat barbecues and roasts.

Other than its red wine variants, there are also white wine offerings, the most popular by far is the Long Neck Sauvignon Blanc. It has a crisp texture and aroma that carries the refreshing taste of tropical fruits and herbs. It’s easy on the palate which is a characteristic that cuts across its white wine range.

Always highly recommended for sampling new wines and spirits flavours, Long neck wine miniatures are the best way to experience this brand first-hand if you haven’t already held one on hand. Small bottles of Long Neck Wines also come in handy and practical for toasting in outdoor events that call for one.  Long neck wines 18.5cl are also easy to personalise and give away as favours when you celebrate your life’s most important milestones.