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London No.1 Gin Miniatures

London No. 1 Gin is a quadruple-distilled gin with a pale blue tinge of colour. This spirit is created from a neutral gin infused with fresh botanical flavours that include cinnamon, bergamot, gardenia, and angelica. The blue tint, in fact, gives a clue that this gin is made for your martini or, your partner’s favourite glass of gin-based cocktail, These are the cocktail moments that call for a bottle of London No. 1 gin miniature — no waste, no excess. One mini bottle is all it takes to pull off your home-made cocktail mix.

When you’re hooked to the same gin cocktail, it’s time to keep a stash of London No. 1 small bottles within reach. It helps you achieve bar quality gin-based cocktails with your own hands, with your own style. Combine with a pre-mix to create your favourite long drinks or, mix with freshly blended tropical fruits and juices for a revitalizing tipple. Love it and have it however way you want to.

London No. 1 miniatures are bottled at 47% ABV and, although it tastes just as great taken neat, it is highly recommended for mixing cocktails to dilute the amount of alcohol per volume since it is slightly higher than your average gin.  Share a taste of London No. 1, gift a mini version today.