Lanson Champagne

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Lanson Black Lable Brut Champagne You will find vibrant colours that mimic the characteristics of straw, with a...
Lanson Rose Champagne Definitely a bubbly made for celebrating life’s most precious moments, Lanson Rose Champagne is all...
Lanson Brut & Rose Duo Gift Box A beautifully packaged Lanson branded black and pink gift box containing...
Lanson Brut Champagne Carry Case - 4 x 20cl A beautifully packaged Lanson branded carry case containing 4...
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Miniature Lanson Champagne Miniatures

In comparison to a bottle of Laurent-Perrier or Moet and Chandon, Lanson Champagne is an underdog. The process of perfecting a bubbly and revitalizing champagne, however, is no stranger to Lanson with the house’s experience and history that goes back all the way to 1760, making Lanson one of the oldest fine champagne makers in France. What makes every sip of Lanson even more remarkable is that family traditions of crafting high-quality champagne lives on. Now, surely that adds even greater value to a miniature Lanson champagne.

A Lanson miniature gift set can certainly add even more interest and curiosity with Lanson’s wide availability of distinct variants that carry a unique character of their own. Among the Lanson champagne mini flavours available are Lanson Brut Champagne, Lanson Rose Champagne, Lanson Wimbledon Brut Champagne, Lanson Brut Rose Champagne, and Lanson Black Label Brut Champagne. All these delectable and irresistible Lanson miniatures are available in 20cl bottles, although Lanson 5cl mini bottles are also available if you prefer even smaller servings.

The undeniable elegance you experience from every sip of any variant of Lanson Champagne is the product of purity, freshness and perfection of a wine-making heritage that stays true to its roots. That’s the value you give when you gift a Lanson champagne gift set. Indeed, a Lanson champagne small bottle is an aroma, palate and an art in its own class.

Consider a Lanson champagne mini as an addition to your wine collection, for gifting or, as favours marking your life’s best celebrations.