Lamb's Navy Rum

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Lambs Navy Rum Miniature Lamb’s Navy Rum miniature is marketed as premium quality dark rum claimed to be...
Lambs Navy Rum & Diet Coke (Miniature & Mini Can Set) A 5cl Lambs Navy Rum miniature together...
Lambs Navy Rum Miniatures A 5cl Lambs Navy Rum miniature together with a 150ml mini can of Coca-Cola....
Navy rum miniature - 5cl
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Lamb's Navy Rum Miniatures

Lamb’s Gin has been hailed for its taste and aroma which other rums could only aspire to become, the recipe for the rum was originally formulated by Alfred Lamb in 1849 from a blend of 18 rums distilled from pure sugar cane and originating from Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad. From its London Haydays, the company has changed hands and is now part of the Allied Domecq Group under Corby Distilleries based in Canada. Although, outside of the North American market, Lamb’s gin is also bottled in England. All rum variants are available in Lamb’s Navy rum miniature-sized bottles.

Lamb’s Navy Rum is, by far, the most recognized variant from this brand of rums and is also sold in Lamb’s Navy rum miniature. The Lamb’s Navy rum 5cl holds the alcohol at 40% ABV expression which makes a great key ingredient for rum-based drinks. Whether it is Spiced Apple, Hurricane or, a Spiced and Stormy you want to hold in your hand, give in to your rum cocktail cravings anytime, any day of the week with a Lamb’s Navy rum small bottle within reach.

The Lambs Navy Rum gift set and Lambs Spiced Rum gift set are fitting presents for the naturally adventurous and spirited celebrant. The exotic flavours of Lamb’s Rum will prove to be a treat and a great value for every penny spent. Consider a Lamb’s Rum Gift Set as special favours for people who work hard to make your celebration every bit a function to be remembered and talked about.