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Kusschen Miniatures

From German company, In-Spirit GMBH comes Kusschen rum cream liqueur. The fun, modern, young and funky personality of the company behind this drink rubs off on every bottle of Kusschen miniature. It is made from real Jamaican rum with 15% ABV expression.

Kusschen minis are full and creamy on the palate, with strong, distinguishable aromas and tastes of a rich blend of cocoa and hazelnut. Kusschen miniatures are sweet rum treats that are best taken from the bottle, chilled and on its own. It can be a great accompaniment of desserts and even added to ice cream and other dessert recipes for a mild kick of rum. How about a Kusschen-spiked cup of hot choco or coffee? There are no limits to your rum cravings with Kusschen small bottles.

Give a Kusschen rum gift set as party favours with personalised bottles or, give a gift as a treat to special friends, relatives, colleagues and family. It’s just hard not to be impressed by a Kusschen.