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Kokoro Gin Miniatures

Kokoro gin is a fusion of English and Japanese traditions of creating fine spirits. This is a reflection of the strong cultural influences of Kokoro gin’s founders. Basically, this gin makes use of Japanese sansho berries and the incredible, time-tested distilling master craftsmanship of Thames Distillers in England. The result of all of these origins and history is the Kokoro gin, bottled to 42% ABV. You get the same deeply complex, unbelievably well-blended gin taste with a Kokoro gin miniature.

Kokoro gin small bottles never fail to spike a gin-based cocktail, coffee, dessert, tea and what not. The exotic, one-of-a-kind flavours of a Kokoro remains best admired when taken neat and straight. On the palate, this gin combines sweet, spicy and citrus flavours rolled into one. Smooth and tasty, it is nowhere close to the ragged features of brute London dry gin. You’ll be delighted to find it’s actually delicious.

Its simplicity and non-complex taste makes a Kokoro gift set an easy pick for just about anybody in your family or set of friends. Kokoro gin miniatures make great favours to hand out with its Japanese-inspired colors, bottling and design. Personalise each bottle to invite even greater memories using a Kokoro mini bottle as keepsakes.