Johnnie Walker Miniatures

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Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky Miniatures Created from a blend of whiskies, at least aged for 12 years,...
Johnnie Walker Miniatures The Johnnie Walker Red Label miniature offers the pioneering blend that has launched Johnnie Walker...
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Johnnie Walker Miniatures

Undoubtedly one of the most well-loved and most well-recognized Scotch whiskies of all time, Johnnie Walker miniatures commemorate all the memories shared over a glass of scotch. A Johnnie Walker miniature set provides a sampling of the best blends from this label. Each piece featuring an unparalleled journey of the senses that encourages drinkers to “Keep walking”.

The Johnnie Walker Black Label miniature houses the classic peated Johnnie aged for 12 years and historically given the moniker, “Old Special Highland Whisky”. Johnnie WalkerBlack miniatures are harder to resist than most whiskies that it probably wouldn’t be suitable just for shelving because they’re best consumed. The Johnnie Walker Red Labelminiature and Johnnie Walker Blue Label miniature 5cl are no exception.

Since it’s always a challenge to select which one is the best Johnnie Walker, the JohnnieWalker mini bottle gift set is the best choice when shopping for a scotch lover. There’s even probability you might come across a limited edition mini. A Johnnie Walkermini bottles set will open the gate to an adventure-filled glass of Scotch whisky straight up and on the rocks.

If not for gift-giving, then enjoy a Johnnie Walker miniature collection all for yourself. Take the advice of a wisdom-filled Johnnie Walker slogan, “Joy Will Take You Further”. How about a Johnnie Walker mini in your pocket right now—just because?