Johann Bihn Miniatures

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Johann Bihn Wine Bottles Johann Bihn Liebfraumilch wine miniatures are bottled at 9.5% ABV. At least 70% of...
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Johann Bihn Wine Miniatures

Johann Binn wine is a brand of wine that originates from Rheinhessen in Germany. The label boasts of an exquisite range of wines processed and aged from the rather not-very-usual grape varieties you’ll regularly found inside your bottle of white wine or red wine.

Top wine offers from this label includes the Johann Bihn Liebfraumilch White Wine made in the traditional, German style of making Liebfraumilch which is characterized as semi-sweet. Johann Bihn Liebfraumilch is made from at least 70% combination of grape variants, Riesling, Silvaner, Kerner or Muller-Thurgau, and comes with 9.5% ABV. Other popular Johann Bihn wine variants are the Riesling Piesporter Michelsberg and Gewurztraminer. A Johann Bihn gift set will prove to be a pleasant surprise for an avid wine drinker, and Johann Bihn miniatures are sure crowd-pleasers as well.

Johann Bihn small bottles provide a practical alternative for toasting outdoors so celebrations do not have to be limited where long, tall glasses can be served. A Johann Bihn mini also makes a great item for rare wine collectors. However way you want your Johann Bihn packaged, the best way to obtain the best value for finding this wine brand which is rather not so easy to get hold of is to savour the taste of this German wine from the region where it originates from.