Jameson Irish Whiskey

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Jameson Whiskey Miniatures Quintessentially Irish, Jameson Irish Whiskey miniatures is a leading brand of blended Irish whiskey with...
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Jameson Miniatures

Jameson Irish Whiskey is a blended Irish whiskey distilled three times using only the highest quality of malted and un-malted barley grains. The resulting liquid is aged in oak barrels that have been soaked in bourbon and fortified wine, giving Jameson its unique blend of vanilla, sweet sherry and slight woody taste, which can also be enjoyed from Jameson whisky miniatures.

Lightly-coloured Jameson Whiskey miniatures are similarly light-bodied and produce a mild feeling while inside the mouth. The aroma and taste of small bottles of Jameson whiskey embody a blend of sweet oranges, fresh lemongrass, and creamy vanilla. The mild and very brief warm sensation that ends each sip of Jameson whisky miniatures encourages those afraid of the burning warmth of traditional whiskey to be fearless — a trait that reflects the brand’s motto, “Sine Metus,” meaning “without fear”.

Jameson Irish Whiskey miniatures give you the chance to sample the interesting mid-tones of this drink. There are many ways to become well-acquainted with Jameson by getting hold of Jameson whisky miniatures. Add it to your usual glass of coffee, whether hot or cold, for a mild spike. Small bottles of Jameson may come in handy when you feel like a Jameson and ginger ale. Keep adding it to roasts and desserts. Give a Jameson miniature gift set so that others may enjoy whisky with a Jameson, unlike any other way they’ve enjoyed their whisky before.