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Isle of Jura Whiskey Miniatures

From the Scottish Isle of Jura, this whiskey that is, “shaped by time, eroded by the tide,” emerges. Made and aged with “seven woods” and “one unique flavour,” the Isle of Jura whisky is aged in American white oak bourbon casks then, transferred to Oloroso sherry butts. Each miniature representation adds to an exquisite Isle of Jura whiskey miniature collection.

Isle of Jura miniatures beautifully represent the presentation of full-sized packages of this whisky. The 10 Year Old is one of the flagship variants in this core range and is expressed at 40% ABV. The palate is described to be medium-bodied with a sweet flavour. Based on drinkers’ reviews and whisky character, this variant appears to be best recommended for newer and younger whisky drinkers. 

Isle of Jura small bottles are also available for the Jura 12 Year Old and Jura 16 Year Old Expressions. The Isle of Jura Superstition and Isle of Jura Journey are two other well-known expressions under this label. Both are also available in Isle of Jura Whisky mini bottles. 

The Isle of Jura Gift Set is sold in different combinations. One popular packaging is the combination of the Jura 10 Year Old, the Isle of Jura Superstition, and the Isle of Jura Diurachs. This gift set is also available in 5cl bottles.

Isle of Jura Whiskey miniatures are the perfect topper to any special occasion and the perfect highlight to cap off any function, no matter what reasons are being celebrated -- or, simply for no reason at all.