Isfjord Gin Miniatures

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Isfjord Premium Arctic Gin Miniature - 5cl Isfjord Arctic Gin is distilled in Greenland using 12 of the...
Isfjord Arctic Vodka- 5cl Isjford Arctic Vodka 5cl is created from distilling water from the icebergs of Greenland...
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Isfjord Gin Miniatures

Inside and out, the Isfjord gin miniature is a reflection of the purity of everything that has been handpicked to consist of this gin. The water used to distil an Isjford gin is derived from icebergs of Greenland -- ice that has been frozen for as much as 10,000 years, locked and sealed without pollutants and with nothing but the refreshing, natural qualities of water. 

Isjford Gin miniatures give you easy access to the world’s purest water, only better. The ice is allowed to melt naturally for up to five weeks before production and bottling begins. This pure, arctic water is then used to distill the high quality grain and malt. The distillate is later infused with natural botanicals that give the Isjford Gin a taste of citrus and spice that comes with a non-drying finish.

Isfjord miniatures are also available for the Isjford Vodka, whisky and rum. Round up the extraordinary spirits and flavours from this brand with a miniature Isjford Gin Gift Set. It’s the perfect expedition in a glass for a family or friend who lives for the thrill and adventure.

Just because an Isfjord Gift Set is called as such, that shouldn’t stop you from sampling and enjoying a taste of the best offerings from this brand. Have a taste of the Arctic with an Isjford in your hand.