Inebriated Newt

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Inebriated Newt Blended Whisky Miniature - 5cl The Inebriated Newt miniature whisky, is light golden in colour, with...
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Inebriated Newt Miniatures

Inebriated Newt miniatures are filled with blended scotch whisky. These Inebriated Newt small bottles are characterised to carry an aroma and flavour with the distinctiveness of vanilla, caramel and spice. Hints of dried fruits can be captured in the aroma the minute you open a bottle. 

Inebriated Newt Whisky miniatures are perfect for sampling this relatively unknown brand of whisky, it makes for great party favours with an option to personalise the labels to match your party theme. The transparent packaging which shows the golden liquid inside makes this whisky perfect for giving away. The classic appearance makes it a great complement to formal as well as informal events, and younger and older recipients alike.