I Heart Prosecco

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I Heart Prosecco 20cl I Heart Prosecco mini bottles are presented in a black, semi-opaque bottle that comes...
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I Heart Prosecco Mini Bottles

If you already have a big liking for champagnes and other bubblies, you will find I Heart Prosecco mini bottles will also tickle your fancies for a sparkling sip of this spiked drink. I Heart Prosecco miniatures are packaged in adorable bottles. This particular product comes in a black bottle with fitting labels that reflect the regular-sized bottle down to the foil-wrapped stopper.

I Heart Prosecco is an Italian wine characterised to carry the taste of vanilla, ripe pears and apricots with distinct tastes of almond. Bubbles are superb, giving off a gentle fizz. It is the perfect pairing for many dishes that includes a wide range of appetizers, as well as shellfish, vegetables, prosciutto and snacks. I Heart Prosecco mini comes in 11% ABV expression which makes it carry just the right concentration of alcohol to feel more interesting and meaningful conversations that bring people closer together.

Consider I Heart prosecco miniatures as favours for celebrating your life’s milestones and toasting to the future you hold in your hands. An I Heart Prosecco Gift Set is always an interesting present to give for people you hold dearest to your heart. One packaging particularly comes with the I Heart Prosecco and a chocolate gift set. This Prosecco Gift Set is suitable for gifting with your wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend for Valentine’s Day and it will be a wonderful treat for your mom or other dear and influential women in your life, including your dragon-like lady boss.