Highland Park Malt Whisky

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Highland Park 12 Year Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky The Highland Park 12 miniature holds the complex flavour...
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Highland Park Miniatures

Serve up a glass of whisky derived, distilled, aged and bottled in the highlands of Scotland. Delight the aromatic treat of floral fragranced whisky with hints of citrus and grass every time you open a bottle of Highland Park miniature. Distinctly basking with a tarty taste of honey engulfed in the flavour of toast with hints of floral jasmine, the taste ends with a pinch of wood and spice.

The brand of whisky born and grown in Orkney situated in the northernmost part of the country, home of the legendary Vikings. The label, founded in 1798, pays tribute to its Vikings roots with the Highland Park whisky 12-year-old Viking honour. This whisky embodies a strikingly different blend created from contrasting the unique properties of smoky peat and honey harmoniously rolled into one. 

The Highland Park whisky 18, better known as the 18 Year Old Viking Pride contains 43% alcohol, takes the Viking Honour further. Still embodying the same starkly contrasting flavours, only this time made with the taste of cherries sweetly entangled in chocolates combines with the smoky peat flavour. Crafted using five stages of processing, the Highland Park malt whisky brand certainly has every reason to be proud of this blend -- definitely a classic in the making.

Highland Park miniatures are a good way to sample these unique flavours from northernmost Scotland. Approaching an important date? How about a Highland Park mini for favours?