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Heidsieck Champagne Miniatures

The Heidsieck Champagne House traces its history way back to 1785 French setting having founded by the German Florens-Louis Heidsieck. In its early years, Heidsieck& Co. has been awarded the rare opportunity to supply wines to the Royal Austro-Hungarian Empire, German Empire, as well as the Russian Empire. Heidsieck is now owned by the Vranken-Pommery Monopole Group, the same management behind popular liquor brands, Pommery, Vranken, Rozes, and Domaine Royal de Jarras. The discovery of over 200-year old bottles of Heidseck& Co champagne in the Baltic Sea in 2010 adds to the rich heritage and prestige of the brand. Heidsieck Co miniatures share in that rare legacy of this prominent champagne brand.

Heidsieck and Co champagne miniatures are available in the Heidseck& Co Monopole Blue Top Champagne and the Heidseck& Co Monopole Rose Top Champagne, both sold in 20cl bottles. The first features a blue foil top and a yellow label with tasting notes described to full and fruity with a well-rounded aftertaste. The second is bottled with a rose gold foil, gold bottle, and a gold label, with a taste, characterised to be strong wild raspberry and strawberries with a very light, lively and refreshing feel on the mouth.

When you present someone special in your life with iconic Heidsieck and Co miniatures, it’s guaranteed they will know they’re special. The brand remains to be one of the most highly respected producers of champagne, with a founder credited for bringing the revitalizing spirit to the New World. A Heidsieck and Co Champagne miniature is timeless, one that suits the collector as well as the champagne drinker who’s in for instant gratification.

For your special events, Heidsieck and Co Champagne small bottles help define the character and personality of the giver -- classy, legendary, stylish. Consider a Heidsieck and Co Champagne Gift simply because of its unmatched quality and prestige. It’s never any ordinary champagne. It’s a Heidsieck and Co.