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Heering Coffee Liqueur Miniatures

From the company that has gained world recognition as the makers of Cherry Heering, Peter Heering, Heering Coffee extends the brand’s liqueur range. Heering Coffee Liqueur miniatures are blended from Carribean rum, cocoa, and delectable coffee. Like the older and more famous liqueur variant, Cherry Heering, the recipe for the Heering Coffee originates back to 1818.

Promoting a more “laid back” style of enjoying alcohol, coffee and cocoa together in a glass, diet watchers and clean eating advocates will be happy to note that Heering Coffee Liqueur small bottles are made only with natural ingredients, and do not contain additives not artificial colouring. This drink is best served chilled.

Mini bottles of Heering Coffee Liqueur are great to have within your reach for perking up an ordinary day or capping off a long, stressful week. Have some more and invite family and friends over for a spiked coffee drinking experience whether the sun is still up or, take it all the way to dawn. 

Consider a Heering Coffee Liqueur Gift Pack to bring warmth to the home of a neighbour, family or friend. It’s a great holiday gift, much as it will make a great present for the celebrant who loves some more spice and warmth than an ordinary brewed coffee. Consider getting a Heering Coffee mini bottle as a tasty treat for your guests. Personalise the favours to leave the mark of your event on the collector-worthy bottles.