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Hazelburn Whiskey Miniatures

Hazelburn Whisky is a whisky creation by the Springbank Distilleries, a distillery that has been creating traditional and unique spirits since 1828. Today, Springbank is under the management of the fifth generation of the Mitchell Family. The entire distilling and aging required to create exquisite quality whisky is done in a single site using craftsmanship that has been perfected for close to two centuries. Hazelburn Whiskey miniatures are every bit an embodiment of the rich history and high value for the heritage that marks every creation from Springbank distilleries.

The Hazelburn 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey is the flagship blend from this label, along with other whiskies belonging to this core range. Triple distilled, aged in ex-bourbon filled casks, and expressed at 46% ABV, on the nose, this whisky gives away the aroma of cooked pears and apples with hints of fudge and honeycomb. Tasting notes are characterized to line the palate with the sweet and thick taste of vanilla and honey, then leaves a milky, chocolatey aftertaste with the zesty hint of liquorice. Hazelburn single malt whiskies are either peated, unpeated or lightly peated which changes the smokiness you can expect from a bottle of Hazelburn.

Hazelburn Whisky mini bottles provide a classy ending to your classic-themed wedding or to the formal personality of your coat and tie event. Add a personalised label so your guests can reminisce and commemorate your function many years down the road. A personalised Hazelburn Gift Set is a fitting tribute to a dear friend and treasured family member close to your heart. Toast to respect personal accomplishments and mark life’s most important milestones. It’s time to open a bottle of Hazelburn.