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Hayman Mini Gin

If you’re looking to “discover the true taste of English gin,” look no further. Take pleasure with every sip of Hayman’s gin, the gin that continues to practice the best-kept secrets of making English gin since 1863. In the midst of the world’s rekindled passion for gin drinking, the makers of Hayman mini gin remain committed to the traditional ways of making gin the same way it has always been in the olden days. That’s the kind of legacy that you open up with Hayman’s gin miniatures.

Hayman’s small bottles pay tribute to generation after generation of family traditions that allows this gin to bring what was best then to be enjoyed to this day. The same old standard of quality, the same distilling process, brings the same great gin taste that has made Hayman’s of London one of the most recognized brands of gin throughout the world.

Hayman’s London dry gin is characterized by its fresh, citrusy aroma with hints of floral and herbs. On the palate, it leaves an easy structure but complex taste that combines a taste of pine, chocolate, and zest all rolled into one. 

The Hayman mini is just as classic in appearance as what’s all locked up inside.  Hayman’s gift set is a present that values well-kept traditions and preserves lasting relationships. Someone special in your life deserves no less than a miniature Hayman’s gin gift set. Take tradition anywhere with you and celebrate good times with the closest family and best of friends with Hayman’s miniatures.