Hasenpfeffer Liqueur

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Hasenpfeffer Liqueur Miniature - 2cl First created in 1875 the recipe still remains strictly confidential and is a...
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Hasenpfeffer Liqueur Miniatures

Available in 2cl Hasenpfeffer liqueur miniatures, this liqueur is recommended to be taken chilled and neat. The label features two rabbits which allude to the actual meaning of “Hasenpfeffer” which is literally translated as rabbit pepper. In cooking, “Hasenpfeffer” particularly refers to the traditional German rabbit stew. Ironically, this secret family recipe that traces its origins back to 1875 uses only herbal liqueur at a 33% ABV expression. 

The company behind the Hasenpfeffer liqueur small bottles is known as Gebruder Both which is located in the City of Goch close to the North Rhine Westphalia area of Germany. The company was established by brothers, Peter and Anton Both, in 1886.  The company also makes other spirits, including the Amaretto Bella Donna.

These liqueur miniatures are characterised to be sweet, slightly spicy with an unparalleled flavour that is distinctly made from the freshest, highest quality of herbs. This extraordinary treat will prove to be a hit. Sample a mini bottle today and giveaway to family, relatives and friends over the holidays. You might want to consider it as a favour for your very special guests whatever it is that you may be celebrating soon.