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Haig Club Miniatures

Bottled in a blue, square glass and sealed with a golden crown cap, the Haig Club miniatures is definitely one made for the personal collection of whiskey enthusiasts like yourself. Currently endorsed by no less than the refined taste of David Beckham, the Haig Club Whisky dares to give a modern twist to the classic taste of grandfather scotch blends. It did break the rules of stereotypical scotch with this predominantly light, fresh and coconut-y sweet-tasting scotch whisky, drizzled with a rich, woody flavour.

Whether you want to “taste-drive” the Haig Club on the rocks or, think you’ll more likely to enjoy it in your cocktail, the Haig Club whisky miniatures can give you just the right volume of alcohol to taste the future of whiskey. If you want to get a little more creative with your desserts, baking or, handcraft your own coffee blend, Haig Club miniature whisky also come highly recommended.

The Haig Club mini will amplify the novelty of this drink even further -- truly becoming of a whisky that challenges the traditional scotch. It’s not guaranteed your hardliner grandfather might agree but, your younger friends will surely embrace the new taste of whisky. See for yourself. Give away Haig Club 5cl on your very special occasion and see if they can taste the difference.