H Blin Champagne

H Blin Brut N.V. Champagne Miniature - 20cl H Blin non-vintage brut champagne is a wonderful yellow gold...
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H Blin Champagne Miniatures

Every package of H Blin champagne is luxuriously wrapped in deep olive coloured bottles highlighted with gold labels --  a treasure to behold that suits the remarkable character of the champagne it holds inside. It’s a style and taste that H Blin miniatures are modelled after.

H Blin Champagne is made from Pinot Meunier. Fresh, easy and vibrant to the palate, this bubbly is defined by elegance from start to finish. An H Blin champagne miniature carries the same character of sparkling wine -- citrusy with the taste of crisp apples that rejuvenates your mouth and excites your senses. The bottle opens to a generous serving of florals and berries. The deeper undertones on the palate adds an intriguing addition that quite deviates from just a common, straightforward serving of light and vibrant champagne.

H Blin champagne 5cl and H Blin mini bottles are made with the same 100% Pinot Meunier. Undoubtedly marked with a level of class and elegance worthy of respect among peers, H Blin delivers beyond visual and brand appeal. Champagne drinkers admire its tasty, revitalizing spirit. So, whether you care to sip it yourself or, gift someone with it, there’s an unspoken guarantee of satisfaction from this high-quality brand of champagne.