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Mini G'Vine Floraison

Made from neutral wine extracted using the Ugni Blanc grape variety found in Cognac, France, G’Vine presents a unique twist to traditional French gin distilling practices. This grape variety in itself is an unconventional gin base. Gins are typically made using distill from local grains. This novelty alone makes mini G’Vine Floraison the kind of stuff you want to add to your collection.

Far from the rough and brute London Dry Gin stereotypes, both the G’vine Nouaison Garnish and the G’Vine gin Floraison 5cl have a silky texture which, quite arguably, must be unlike any other gin you’ve ever encountered before.These G’Vine small bottles come in clear bottles with a gradient shade of either lavender or apple green colours and come with a crown top. The simple French bottling makes a G’Vine Gin miniatures suitable as favours for weddings and debuts that are similarly themed as these spirits are.

The mini G'vine Floraison comes with a 40% ABV while the Nouisan comes with 43% ABV. A G’Vine miniature can be taken neat, straight from the bottle or, arranged with mixers and crushed ice for a cocktail drink. However way you prefer to enjoy your G’Vine, the mini bottles give you better opportunities to sample it in ways that a regular-sized bottle won’t.