Great King Street Whiskey

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Great King Street Glasgow Blend by Compass Box has a rich vein of peated-smokiness which is underpinned by...
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Great King Street Whiskey Miniatures

Great King Street refers to the Edinburgh address of whisky maker, Compass Box, a relatively new legendary whisky label that makes the claim, “tradition is only half the story, we’re writing the other half”. Great King Street has been around since 1823 although the first scotch to honour this historic street was not launched until 2011. Great King Street Whiskey miniatures provide a single-serve sampling of this rather unique take on blended Scotch whisky.

The Great King Street Blended Scotch Whisky label is created with 43% ABV, a high malt content, and unchill-filtered, this line of blended scotch was conceptualized to change the growing perception blended scotch is inferior to single malt whiskies. In 2011, the Great King Street Artist's Blend was introduced. It featured a full and robust taste that left the palate with the combined flavours of toasted oak, vanilla and spices In 2014, the success of the Artist’s Blend was followed through with the introduction of the Great King Street Whisky Glasgow Blend. This is a fuller, richer, smokier and spicier blended whisky consisting of 67% malt from Islay, Speyside, and the Highlands.

Great King Street miniatures proudly display the golden liquid locked up inside each bottle which every bit an apt prelude to the treasured taste of blended whisky that awaits. Great King Street small bottles come complete with customizable labels that can be easily personalised to match the theme of your party and be given away as party compliments to thank your guests. There are many ways to enjoy Great King Street Whisky bottles aside from deriving pleasure from happy recipients. You can enjoy it yourself taken neat, on the rocks or, as the whisky base of an endless line up of cocktails. The Great King Street Gift Set which features the two variants from this range will prove to be a priceless treat for a whisky enthusiast.