Grand Marnier

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Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur Miniature - 5cl Grand Marnier only uses one specific variety of orange called Citrus...
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Grand Marnier Miniatures

Whether you are planning to spike a classic bar cocktail or, an orange-flavoured cake, you can count on the Grand Marnier miniatures. This liqueur has French roots that date back to 1880. The Grand Marnier is best known for its Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, also more popularly referred to as the Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur. This is sold in Grand Marnier mini bottle that comes in a 5cl servings. 

The Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur uses cognac blended with sugar and the essence of bitter orange, derived by drying, macerating then distilling. Only the specific variety of oranges called, Citrus Bigaradia, are used in making Grand Marnier. These oranges are said to contain the highest amount of essential oils. These oranges are handpicked from the Carribean where they are grown using traditional methods. The resulting 40% ABV and orange flavours are locked inside a Grand Marnier small bottle.

The Grand Marnier liqueur miniature delivers just the perfect volume of liqueur you need to add to your favourite cocktail fixes or, to give a twist to your sweet tooth cravings. Grand Marnier miniatures make even better favours. A Grand Marnier mini bottle closely resembles the bottling and appearance of a regular sized serving. Consider a Grand Marnier mini as a gift for the home chef. It’s a popular addition to spike otherwise ordinary dishes too.