Grahams Port

Two Graham's Port miniatures in a quality Graham's Branded Gift Tin. Contains: 1 x Graham's Late Bottled Vintage...
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Grahams Port Miniatures

Taking pride in a wine producing heritage that can be traced back all the way to the 17th century, the Grahams Port selection led the winemaking traditions for Port and Douro and continues to be the industry leader when it comes to innovating modern taste in wines. Grahams Port miniatures serve as a tribute to the epic good taste of wine variants carrying the label that has consistently delivered excellent wine quality now spanning three decades. As Grahams continues to be a family-run business, the traditions and customs in crafting wine with character lives on in every Grahams mini port wine selection.

Known for its natural sweetness, the Grahams fine white port miniature retains more of the natural sugars found in grapes. Unlike the Extra Dry variety, this wine is aged for a shorter period of time which gives it a much more acceptable thickness to the palate that even an average wine drinker will be able to appreciate.

The Grahams Six Grapes Port wine miniature locks in the multi-awarded reserve blend from this label. This variant will satisfy an avid red wine drinker’s taste for thick, full-bodied and fragrant wine. In contrast, the Graham's Port Tawny miniature carries wine with a lighter texture and thickness to the palate. It has been aged to specifically blend the natural sweetness of grapes with the early infusing of the flavours coming from oak vats. The best way to judge each variant of Grahams is to sample Grahams Port small bottles so you can decide which one best suits your personal preferences for how wine should taste like.

For special occasions that call for a toast, the Grahams mini selection pack provides a viable, more convenient alternative to rounding up tall wine glasses, most especially if you have the outdoors as the backdrop of your venue. For gifting, there’s no way you can’t make an excellent first impression with a Grahams Port mini gift set. Grahams mini are also great for cooking meat dishes, sauces, and desserts.