Goslings Rum Bermuda Miniatures

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Goslings Rum Bermuda Miniatures

Born on the exotic shores of the Island of Bermuda, the Goslings Rum Bermuda miniatures has been perfected from years of brand experience creating tempting rum spirits that are as legendary as the company behind it. Distinctly different in a special way from its continental Europe and Carribean counterparts, this rum surprises with a generous serving of dried peels, tropical fruits and mildly smoked oak taste with a distinguishable nutty spice ending.

Gosling's Bermuda Gold Liqueur is a punch spiked with rum as the base. However, because it is made of loquat fruits grown on the island, the limited supply meets only demand from within the island, including those of tourists aware of this liqueur.

The Gosling brand of rum first gained fame and acceptance of the first-ever rum formulation it freely circulated to the public in 1806 -- the Black Seal Rum. Today, Gosling’s flavourful rums are mixed in creating cocktails sipped by the beach, on steaks, and even mixed with fish chowder. It is no wonder why even after more than 200 years in the industry, the longest-running business in Bermuda continues to contribute in defining the signature taste of the island.

Keep a taste of Bermuda nearby. Goslings rum miniatures provide the perfect excuse for another round of punch.