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Gorbatschow Vodka Miniatures

Spelt in its native Germany as “WodkaGorbatschow,” this brand of vodka has been sold in Berlin since 1921 by its Russian founder, Leo Leontovitch Gorbachev, who migrated to Berlin from St. Petersburg, Russia. At first, only Russians exiled to Germany knew about the brand until the vodka brand also found a mass German following. Today, the brand enjoys a worldwide reputation for bringing “the pure spirit of vodka”.

The flagship variants are the Vodka Gorbachev Blue and Black Labels. This core range delivers traditionally Russian made vodka at 37.5% ABV and 50% ABV expressions, respectively. Both variants are available in Gorbatschow Vodka mini bottles which are packaged in crystal clear bottles that shows the pure, liquid vodka contained inside.

Gorbatschow miniatures are made for creating an icy vodka effect whether taken neat or, mixed to create your favourite vodka-based cocktail fixes. Available in 4cl bottles, a Gorbatschow vodka miniature delivers just the right volume of vodka necessary to create a single-serve or small batch of vodka-based cocktails. These small bottles of vodka can also be personalised to be given away as favours for wedding, debuts, birthdays and even corporate events.