Glenlivet Whisky Miniature

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Glenlivet Whisky Miniature

The Glenlivet 12 miniature and other Glenlivet miniature bottles are a good way to start exploring what journey awaits with every serving of this vintage Scotch whisky. A Glenlivetsmall bottle can prove to be a great company and it does not matter what mood you are in.

A Glenlivet miniature gift set may contain Glenlivet whisky miniatures exclusively. There are also options where The Glenlivet is packed with other well-respected brands of scotch. Either way, miniatures make it easier and inexpensive to warm up your palate to the bold strength of Scotch whisky.

Patient, slow and unhurried. This is the only way quality single malt Scotch whisky must be made. The Glenlivet, this is the only acceptable way to make whisky to this day. The brand is one of several other distilleries that flourished around the River Spey and, thus, came to be known as Speyside single malts.

The makers of The Glenlivet take pride at the high attention of detail that goes into the production of every grain of barley, every drop of water, and every ounce of yeast that make it to their copper stills. Every batch must painstakingly go through every step to create the quality that The Glenlivet has lived up to through the years. The resulting product is the very same meticulously put together with scotch packaged in Glenlivet miniatures.