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Glenfarclas Miniatures

If you’re considering a Glenfarclas miniature gift pack as an expression of your love, deep gratitude or, holiday wishes, you must know why a classic spirit like Glenfarclas Whisky deserves the attention. Blended with just pure water, malted barley and yeast, the process of aging the Glenfarclas has been perfected for over 150 years. Distilled twice and aged in Spanish sherry casks, the same supreme aroma and taste of whisky in a regular Glenfarclas can be appreciated over and over again in Glenfarclas miniatures.

Adding an even more homely feel to this aged whisky are Glenfarclas miniature sets that -- not many people know -- come in jars! The Glenfarclas orange marmalade is created with fresh oranges spiked with a Glenfarclas Whisky aged 10 years. Glenfarclas whisky marmalade adds a lovely highlight to your favourite pastries and cold desserts. Sample this delectable treat in Glenfarclas mini jars with a tempting option to indulge with a Glenfarclas tasting set. 

Give the gift of a hearty treat of Glenfarclas marmalade beautifully bottled with the unmistakable mark of how marmalade was traditionally made. Whether it’s whisky or sweets you prefer to wrap up for a loved one, make the treat even more irresistible with a Glenfarclas gift set or, a Glenfarclas miniature set.