Daffy’s Gin is unlike any other Gin, created using the finest French grain spirit and distilled using an...
A Plymouth miniature Gin gift set which contains the following little bottles, Plymouth Gin - 5cl (41.2%ABV) Plymouth...
This beautifully presented Valentine's Day gift set contains a Tiger Gin miniature (5cl), a Black Cow Pure Milk...
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Gin Miniatures

A drink that has exploded in both choice and popularity over the last few years, gin is fast becoming everyone’s favourite spirit, not only for straight gin & tonics, but in cocktails too. In our extensive range of gin miniatures and miniatured flavoured gin, you’ll find some old school favourites and discover new taste sensations too. 

Flavoured with juniper and other botanicals, gin is a neutral spirit (similar to vodka and tequila). The botanicals which are added are usually things that grow naturally such as fruits, herbs and spices. One of the most well-known and long-standing styles of gin is ‘London Dry’ otherwise simply known as ‘London’. Today, however, there are dozens of variations and flavours which you’ll find in our miniature gin selection, from ginger & lime to hibiscus, raspberry and everything in between. 

We stock over 100 different gin miniatures, most of which are 5cl (50ml) in size - the equivalent of a double pub measure. Whether you’re stocking up on miniature gin bottles for your home bar or creating a miniature flavoured gin gift selection for a family member or friend, we have something for both those who are new to the world of gin and those who are true gin connoisseurs.