Garvey Cream Sherry

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Garvey Wine Miniature The Garvey Cream sherry 5cl is a delectable tipple forged and bottled in Andalusia, Spain....
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Garvey Cream Sherry Miniatures

The Garvey brand of wines and liquors were drawn and built in the unique blending of Scottish and Spanish wine making. The Garvey Cream Sherry miniature boasts of an epic tale of Andalucia, Spain which romanticizes the love story of its founder, who is of Scottish descent but who eventually opted to stay in Spain to be with the woman he loved. 

The Garvey Sherry miniature could quite possibly be the only mini bottle of sherry that is widely distributed and easily accessible wherever in the world you find yourself craving for a sip. Try a sherry on your ice cream, top it on a grilled sandwich with fruit fillings or, cook beef short ribs or baked chicken with it to add a savoury, mouth-watering flavour.

The Garvey Cream Sherry 5cl Miniature is presented in a green, transparent bottle with a screw cap. The distinct flavour, produced from Oloroso grapes, is light and refreshing, and never overpowering to the taste buds.  Garvey Cream Sherry small bottles may be customized and labelled with your unique design or initials, turning these into wonderful memorabilia that capture your life’s achievements one moment in time. It gets even better since every mini bottle can be enjoyed straight up chilled or, on ice.