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Four Pillars Mini Gin

Launched in 2013, Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin is a craft spirit made in Yarra Valley, Australia. Four Pillars is a distillery committed to creating modern and admirable crafted spirits. The founders started from concept to distilling and then they dared to raise initial capital via crowdsourcing. The successful launch of Four Pillars gin and the profit its makers made became a validation that there was a growing demand, a market waiting to be tapped for Australian craft gin -- and the rest, as they say, is history. Four Pillars mini gin carry 41.8% alcohol per volume, and is available in Four Pillars 5cl and 20cl bottles.

The flavours that its makers wanted to infuse in the gin was alas, finalized, rounding up 10 botanicals in all. Botanicals include juniper, coriander, cardamom, lemon myrtle, Tasmanian pepper berry leaf, cinnamon, lavender, angelica, star anise and fresh whole oranges. Four Pillars miniatures carry the same unique ingredients.

Four Pillars mini is recommended for mixing with small batches of punch or, in creating other single cocktail recipes. Taken neat, a single, small shot should also be ideal, given the high alcohol content in this gin. Four Pillars gin gift pack carries a certain sense of rarity and its satisfactory quality is guaranteed to be acknowledged by the recipient.