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Flimm Vodka Miniatures

Flimm vodka miniatures come in vibrant green liqueur boldly displayed in a clear, transparent bottle. Other than the cool green colour, it also adds a moderate level of alcohol to your favourite vodka-based cocktails with a 17% ABV. 

First opened in 1921 in Cologne, Germany, Flimm, makers of Kabanes, also makes other spirits, including cream and fruit liqueurs, such as the Waldmeister. This variant comes in FlimmWaldmeister miniatures which carry just the right volume of liqueur required to fix you a refreshing green drink. Enjoy it long and with your go-to cocktail fix. Characterised to have a herbaceous aroma and flavour, Flimm small bottles can be a useful digestif but, it can be enjoyed either way, with or without a meal.

Flimm Waldmeister small bottles carry the aroma and taste of hay with the distinctive hints of cherry drop sweets. It’s for the occasional drinker and it’s even good for spiking pastries. Consider a Flimm vodka miniature as a present, a gift of experience unlike any other the celebrant or any of your guests may have ever tasted. It’s a treat you nor them will be able to resist from one bottle and on to the next.